It Takes Two: Tuesday 25 November 2014

Who did we see?

Jake and Janette, Simon and Kristina and Karen Hardy.

What did we learn?

1. Jake loved the Samba. They had great fun.

2. Samba is really technical and Jake originally struggled with walks.

3. The Samba was the most successful dance of Janette’s Strictly career.

4. Janette is learning from Jake. She now knows how many directions hips can go. Alright.

5. Karen Hardy would like Caroline to calm a little and act like a champion.

6. For Karen, too much choreography can make you look like two different people.

7. Karen would like to see a man in the final.

8. Karen loves a first on Strictly and will turn a blind eye to Jake’s bizarre twerking. Not a word I ever wanted to write in my blog.

9. Jake isn’t as technically strong as Frankie but brings something to the performance.

10. Sunetra and Brendan need to not be so serious.

11. For a great Salsa, we keep everything under the body.

12. Simon’s Salsa was one of the best he has ever done for him personally.

13. The AT meant added pressure for them this week.

14. Kristina starts choreographing for next week straight away after the results record.

15. They have the Waltz this weekend.

16. Simon really enjoys learning new dances and especially Ballroom.


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