It Takes Two: Thursday 20 November 2014

Who did we see?

Caroline and Pasha, Steve and Ola, Vicky Gill and Jason Gilkison.

What did we learn?

1. Blackpool was Caroline’s favourite week.

2. Caroline felt transformed the second she put her Union Jack dress on.

3. Caroline and Pasha will be attempting the death drop this weekend.

4. Pixie’s Paso dress fabric was independently purchased. Not from a usual dance fabric supplier.

5. This weekend, Pixie’s dress is all about diamonds. This will tie in with her routine which is to a song from the Moulin Rouge.

6. Janette’s dress has feathers.

7. The professional dance this routine is….cops and robbers? The women are criminals and the men are police.

8. Jason Gilkison is into his second series choreographing the professional dances (some) and some of the guest act dances.

9. The week the I Have A Dream number was cast was the week Iveta had been eliminated. So, some good news.

10. Aljaž is the naughtiest professional dancer.

11. Jason’s favourite routine was the launch show one with Sir Brucie.

12. Steve was in touch with his feminine side last week, according to Ola.

13. Steve is finding the Ballroom dances easier to pick up.

14. Steve does struggle with his knees due to the amount of operations he has had.

15. Steve fell 30ft in 2008 and smashed his ankle – 13 operations – and broke him back.

16. Ola has a bad foot too, but not that badly hindering.


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