It Takes Two: Wednesday 19 November 2014

Who did we see?

Frankie and Kevin, Simon and Kristina, Ian Waite, Joanne Clifton and Brendan Cole on the video link.

What did we learn?

1. Pixie and Trent’s Charleston looks very very fast.

2. Sunetra should wear proper shoes in training.

3. Caroline needs to finesse her endings according to Ian Waite.

4. Blackpool was the perfect night for Kristina. Everything came together.

5. Simon decided to step up to the challenge of leading during the dance last week. It really paid off!

6. Getting three 10s was a seriously special moment for the both of them.

7. Joanne and Brendan had danced together once. At Blackpool last year, due to Aliona’s absence.

8. Together they achieved 37 but were penalised leaving them with 32.

9. Brendan’s little daughter Aurelia is absolutely full of cuteness.

10. Frankie thinks Craig is getting really picky with her.

11. Kevin was scared to open the show because of having to get the audience going.

12. Kevin was emotional with the 10s.

13. Frankie suffers from motion sickness.


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