It Takes Two: Tuesday 18 November 2014

Who did we see?

Sunetra and Brendan, Pixie and Trent and Karen Hardy.

What did we learn?

1. Pixie and Trent loved Blackpool because they went from a television studio to an actual ballroom.

2. Pixie was okay with having extra dancers. I bet she was. Did you see them?

3. Pixie had chills watching Simon and Kristina’s routine. The last lift/drop especially.

4. Trent was happy to have his wife dancing at Blackpool as one of the extra entourage.

5. Pixie and Trent haven’t done any lifts and will be this week with the Charleston.

6. Pixie would love to get that full house 40.

7. It Takes Two are obsessed with children this year.

8. Karen Hardy is back!

9. Karen was impressed with how Frankie used the floor last weekend and showcased her great skill.

10. Karen wasn’t a fan of Jake’s lack of proper lifts. He went a bit showdance in the end.

11. Karen loves Sunetra but her routine had a lot of mistakes.

12. Choreography errors could be the issue with them.

13. Karen would have given Simon and Kristina a 10. It’s a huge room and Simon reeled us all in with his stillness and accuracy.

14. If they had missed that last lift, the reaction to their dance would have been very different.

15. Mark had great foot swivel last weekend in his Charleston.

16. Mark started off doddery but has really improved in the competition.

17. Pixie didn’t do any posturing and posing in her Paso Doble. That is a great thing.

18. Caroline deserved 10s in Karen world.

19. All Latin dances are hard but the Samba is really up against it.

20. Sunetra was must better than okay in her Samba. Especially in the dance off.


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