Strictly Come Dancing 2014: week eight results

All hail Dame Shirley.

Blackpool Results Show kicked off with a Jackson 5 medley involving the professional cast and then calling on the celebrity cast. Nice to see Natalie and Brendan at the front and well on camera…makes a change from some of the other frontrunners this series.


Caroline and Pasha, Pixie and Trent and Jake and Janette.

Maybe out

Sunetra and Brendan.


McMute. Christ.

Len’s Lens

Blackpool edition. Still no more exciting. I zone out during this bit…apologies.


Simon and Kristina, Frankie and Kevin, Mark and Karen and Steve and Ola.

Maybe out

Judy and Anton.

Dame Shirley Bassey

*bows down*

Accompanied by Aliona and Tristan, Iveta and Brendan and Pasha and Janette.

Some odd pairings there. Also genuinely confused Tristan and Brendan for a second or two. They look nothing alike up close but from a distance…wow!


I think this is the first dance-off between the two weakest of a week but it would have been an injustice to see Judy and Anton triumph over in this one. Seems fitting that Judy actually performed a dance for us this week. Nice to end on.

Sunetra and Brendan brought party time us once again with the Samba routine. She appeared to take on some of the comments from before and seemed to tighten it up this time around. At least at the beginning. Went a bit messy toward the ending but time to move on and forget the Samba forever.



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  1. McMute: McLOL :-).

    Ironic that Judy Murray – bless her – gets booted out after finally shows signs of improvement (i.e. actually dancing!). It would, of course, have been a gross injustice had she survived in the competition any longer, but it would nonetheless have been interesting to see what further progress she could have made. My guess is that, in time, Anton could have turned her into a competent social dancer. I have a theory that anyone, given sufficient motivation, can learn to dance to a reasonable standard. Dancing, to my mind, is an innate human skill that merely needs developing.


    • I wonder if they’re better live than it seemed on the television, because it was truly awful.

      Yes – I wonder if that was behind it. The fact that she finally actually danced but was way below the standard this year that people finally decided it was time to go.

      Nice theory.


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