It Takes Two: Friday 14 November 2014

Who did we see?

Steve Backshall, Sunetra Sarker, Iveta Lukosiute, Mark Wright, Judy Murray and Friday Panel: Gareth Malone, Linda Robson and Larry Lamb.

What did we learn?

1. It takes over 350 people to take Strictly Come Dancing to Blackpool.

2. Sunetra and Steve are having fun in the Tower Ballroom. Steve’s lifts are going well and Sunetra’s bouncy Samba is good.

3. Everyone is really excited to be part of Blackpool week but the pressure is on.

4. Vicky has hundreds of costumes this weekend.

5. Frankie is nervous for this weekend to be following the footsteps of world champions by dancing on the Blackpool floor.

6. Everybody in Blackpool is buzzing.

7. Judy needs more lifts for her Viennese Waltz. Oh god.

8. There is a full cast number this weekend.

9. Blackpool residents are excited for their weekend of glory.

10. Larry Lamb reckons Frankie and Kevin are ‘very together’ in their dancing.

11. Linda Robson thought Zoe Ball won her series of Strictly.

12. Gareth Malone thinks Sunetra is a little loose.

13. Linda likes the Latin dances.

14. Judy looks as if she may actually be relaxing and dancing this week.

15. Mark seems unconvincing according to Gareth but he isn’t doing enough to win for Linda.



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