It Takes Two: Thursday 14 November 2014

Who did we see?

Frankie and Kevin, Sunetra and Brendan, Steve and Ola and Robin Windsor.

What did we learn?

1. Pixie is most nervous about the technical side of her dance this weekend.

2. Janette reckons Jake will find it most difficult going back in to frame.

3. Sunetra is going to forever remember praise from Craig for her routine last weekend.

4. Sunetra has a pretty prone to ailments.

5. Samba isn’t the best dance in Strictly terms and it has a lot of changing rhythms to deal with.

6. Robin Windsor has been teaching the staff of a primary school in Lambeth how to dance.

7. Frankie has been taken aback by how fast the Quickstep is.

8. Frankie cried last week because she was annoyed with herself for forgetting.

9. She takes full responsibility for messing up – nothing to do with Kevin’s choreography.

10. Steve did Strictly to be able to do a strong dance – one like the Paso.

11. Ola is apparently good at finding Steve’s best qualities and showcasing them in the routine.

12. Their dance this weekend is very different this weekend because of how graceful it is.


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