It Takes Two: Wednesday 12 November 2014

Who did we see?

Anton and Judy, Pixie and Trent and Ian Waite.

What did we learn?

1. Judy and Anton won’t be making any money from Punch and Judy shows any time soon.

2. Ian Waite thinks Blackpool is the place to be.

3. Steve is looking like he’s doing a Paso Doble instead of an American Smooth right now.

4. Pixie absolutely loved the Foxtrot in the end and she thought she was going to hate it.

5. Pixie and Trent have the Paso Doble this week. Pixie loves it because of the intense story.

6. They have a Roman themed dance …. …. ….

7. Aliona Vilani is on a secret mission for the Christmas special and so unable to attend the live show to see how herself and Trent did in the pro challenge.

8. They performed 39 New Yorkers but were penalised for three so that leaves them second in 36. Natalie and Pasha remain top.

9. Judy thinks Anton may chuck her about too much in training.

10. Judy is really loving the Viennese Waltz and feels like she is dancing properly this week.


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