It Takes Two: Tuesday 11 November 2014

Who did we see?

Caroline and Pasha, Jake and Janette, Mark and Karen, Natalie Lowe and Aljaž Skorjanec.

What did we learn?

1. Pasha says it is horrible to be plunged in to the bottom two and especially when their partner apologises for it.

2. Caroline and Pasha have the jive on the springy floor of Blackpool.

3. Caroline likes fast dances.

4. Joanne Clifton has been exploring Blackpool and its war history in honour of Armistice Day.

5. Parachutes were sewn in the Tower Ballroom during the First World War.

6. Mark loved their Waltz last weekend.

7. Karen will squeeze Mark’s hand if he is starting to go a bit too fast.

8. They only had two days to practice last week.

9. The Strictly 2014 cast is a tight knit family. All good friends.

10. Mark and Karen have the Charleston.

11. Anybody can be taught to dance but as to how depends. According to Natalie.

12. Natalie gets really nervous before a show – more so for her partner than anybody else.

13. Vicky is amazing for meaning the knickers stay were they should during routines.

14. Jake didn’t enjoy the Rumba.

15. They have the American Smooth to a big number this week.

16. Jake has never been to Blackpool and Janette has never competed there.

17. Jake has been practicing on set at work.

18. He has a warm up dance which looks like he is stomping on ants.


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