It Takes Two: Thursday 6 November 2014

Who did we see?

Judy and Anton, Mark and Karen, Steve and Ola and Vicky Gill.

What did we learn?

1. Caroline is quite impatient in the training room.

2. Simon reckons he looks like a duck on water training.

3. Alison is finding it hard to keep up with the Charleston.

4. Anton needs Donny back to get a 10 for Judy. I do love all this Donny slating.

5. Judy’s feet hardly touched the floor in their dance last weekend. By choice.

6. The doggie performers had had a dress run but got freaked out on stage.

7. Judy isn’t getting enough credit for her steps.

8. There may be some illegal lifts but no capes.

9. Vicky Gill is so far ahead she is already planning Blackpool.

10. Green appears to be the new black. Or maybe navy.

11. Caroline has a lighter dress this week.

12. Jake and Janette are doing an ‘after dinner Rumba’.

13. Steve’s dress run went so wrong that he was just too worried about the lifts and went wrong.

14. Steve had a halloween party after Strictly last Saturday.

15. Steve is going topless this week. This has been mentioned a fair few times this week.

16. Mark is surprising himself with his dancing.

17. Mark hasn’t heard of Barry Manilow.


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