It Takes Two: Wednesday 5 November 2014

Who did we see?

Caroline and Pasha, Ian Waite, Darcey Bussell and Natalie Lowe.

What did we learn?

1. Steve may be taking his top off this weekend.

2. In training, Alison looks like she is losing energy during her Charleston.

3. Sunetra should get an eight, according to Ian.

4. Pasha disagreed with the judges last weekend. They were just jealous of the hair.

5. Caroline’s boyfriend Jack gets more nervous that she does.

6. All the girls are close this year. Caroline had met some of them before anyway.

7. Pasha really enjoyed the Rumba and that may be Caroline’s best dance.

8. They have the Waltz this weekend.

9. Zoe Ball will be filling in for Claudia Winkleman again this weekend. Sending all my love to Claudia and her family and wishing Matilda all the best in her recovery.

10. The pro challenge this year involves dancing in pairs and doing New Yorkers (the step…). Ola doesn’t appear to be doing it.

11. Natalie and Pasha managed 51 New Yorkers. But 13 have been deducted so they’re stuck on 38.

12. Darcey Bussell reckons Waltz would be a nice dance for a beginner to start learning.

13. Darcey never expected a graceful Waltz from Steve and Ola. He had good glide and she expected clumsy.

14. Darcey thinks Jake was unfortunate to be so so good so early but it was a really exciting moment.

15. Darcey loved Frankie’s Paso Doble although It Takes Two had other ideas and screened her Tango.

16. Mark’s Latin is also on Darcey’s list.

17. She was disappointed to see Thom leave.

18. Darcey wants to perform on the show but is not sure her body wants it.

19. Ian reckons Frankie needs to use her legs more. Dancing comes from the feet.

20. Judy and Anton have the Paso Doble. Ugh.


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