It Takes Two: Tuesday 4 November 2014

Who did we see?

Jake and Janette, Aljaž and Alison, Aliona Vilani and Tristan MacManus and Natalie Lowe and Iveta Lukosiute.

What did we learn?

1. Jake’s shaping could have been a little better.

2. They have the Rumba this week and it won’t be a ‘naughty’ one.

3. Jake has been quite busy the last few weeks. Christmas I assume.

4. Tristan has been known to make mistakes in some routines. Misses his cue…a lot.

5. Every Monday, the pros have a recap rehearsal of the dance because they’ve actually learned them all in August.

6. Aliona thought Frankie and Kevin’s dance was technically perfect last weekend. Tristan agreed and added Pixie and Trent for recommendation.

7. You should always put a pivot or a check into a routine.

8. Alison wanted to do the routine again..until she was in the dance-off.

9. Aljaž sweats…a lot.

10. Alison expects Craig to not give her that 8. They may have to replace all his paddles.

11. Alison has a really scary laugh. It’s infectious.

12. They have the Charleston this weekend. A great come back dance.

13. Natalie and Iveta can do an impressive backbend.

14. Iveta loved Judy’s entrance.

15. Natalie loves all Ballroom dances.

16. Iveta is a hip-hop girl.


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