It Takes Two: Monday 3 November 2014

Who did we see?

Brendan and Sunetra, Simon and Kristina, Scott and Joanne and Craig Revel Horwood.

What did we learn?

1. It doesn’t look like Craig gives a good foot-rub.

2. The ongoing cute kid section actually found its sweetest addition yet.

3. Everybody reckoned the bald head suited Scott.

4. Craig reckons Simon was proving a point with his Paso performance.

5. Craig loves watching Alison.

6. Pixie and Trent are a ‘power house’.

7. Sunetra needs to up her game.

8. Sunetra and Brendan were surprised to be told they would be opening the show last Saturday.

9. Brendan tries not to listen to the judges – not in a disrespectful way, in a way that means more focus is on what is going on in/out hold than what they think. I think.

10. Sunetra does prefer Ballroom and being in hold.

11. Simon will only work as hard as Kristina makes him. So, a lot.

12. There was one bit Simon totally blanked and went a bit wrong.

13. Strictly has given Simon a confidence boost.

14. Craig and the rest of the judges expect amazing things from Jake because he set his bar so high in his and Janette’s Salsa.

15. Craig saw Scott’s hunchback solo as time-wasting.

16. Scott went out on what he feels was his best dance. He liked hiding behind his character.

17. Scott doesn’t make new friends often but he has found one in Joanne.

18. Scott gives Joanne boy advice.

19. He wants Frankie to win. Presumably because of Kevin.

20. Scott actually has pretty good facial expressions.


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