It Takes Two: Friday 31 October 2014

Who did we see?

Simon and Kristina, Pixie and Trent, Sunetra and Brendan and Friday Panel: Julia Bradbury, Lisa Maxwell and Alfie Boe.

What did we learn?

1. Simon likened being in the dance of with Thom to being made to fight your friend.

2. Simon was gutted to lose Thom from the competition and is even crying talking about it.

3. They have the Paso this weekend and Simon is enjoying it.

4. A few people are doing the Paso this weekend- oh the marking issues…

5. Pixie dresses up as a cat for Halloween.

6. Zoe is about to start calling Trent ‘the Milkybar kid’ after last week’s hoedown.

7. Sunetra didn’t realise how tough Brendan was on her with the choreography.

8. Keeping the bounce and energy is the hardest part for Sunetra.

9. Claudia will be keeping her normal eye make-up for this week.

10. Alfie Boe has been wheeled out. Normally it takes until December to use him.

11. Julia Bradbury wouldn’t do Strictly. Means she probably will next year.

12. Lisa Maxwell muses that Jake Wood is good at whatever he does. She thinks he could win.

13. Lisa is surprised at Caroline’s arms and natural ability.

14. Scott can’t jump, according to Julia – who cooed at him like a lame horse.



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