It Takes Two: Thursday 30 October 2014

Who did we see?

Steve and Ola, Mark and Karen and Vicky Gill, Neale Pirie and Lisa Armstrong.

What did we learn?

1. Mark worked a lot on circling his hips for last weekend.

2. Karen thought Mark conquered the Samba.

3. Mark took the cast out to Faces last weekend. Oh god.

4. Pixie is going for a ‘preppy’ look and will transform during the routine.

5. Simon doesn’t have cape action.

6. Steve and Ola have the Charleston.

7. Judy’s Cruella dress has 7000 crystals.

8. Lisa and Neale simultaneously anticipate and dread Halloween week for make up and hair (heads of, respectively).

9. Ola’s hair is going to be styled as a bone.

10. You can fake cheekbones with shading.

11. Steve and Ola are doing lifts this weekend that have never been done before.

12. Steve is a ‘blokey bloke’. As he keeps saying.


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