It Takes Two: Tuesday 28 October 2014

Who did we see?

Scott and Joanne, Aliona Vilani and Tristan MacManus, Judy and Anton, Natalie Lowe and Iveta Lukosiute and Caroline and Pasha (and the chef, the cloakroom attendant and the cleaner)

What did we learn?

1. Scott has developed the perfect technique to dealing with Craig – selective hearing.

2. The ‘Selfie Sombrero’ is a thing. I’m moving planet.

3. Scott may end up in a bald cap over the weekend with their Foxtrot.

4. Samba rolls shouldn’t end up in Ballroom.

5. Judy felt she knew her Charleston routine better than any of her other routines.

6. Judy was slightly disappointed with her scores.

7. They have the American Smooth this week.

8. Iveta designs her own training outfits.

9. Iveta knows where the spine begins and ends.

10. Natalie prefers traditional music but appreciates not everybody can have traditional or else it would be boring.

11. Caroline and Pasha take it day by day.

12. David Morrissey is a fan of Flack.


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