It Takes Two: Monday 27 October 2014

Who did we see?

Jake and Janette, Thom and Iveta and Craig Revel Horwood.

What did we learn?

1. Sunetra wakes up with glitter in her bed on a Sunday morning.

2. Craig has told us just how focused Jake is backstage each week.

3. Even Craig admits he has been really harsh on Scott in past weeks.

4. He is sad to see Thom go. Mainly because he was going to go topless in his Paso next weekend. Well, it is Halloween after all…

5. Jake has always considered himself to be fit but Strictly is more relentless than gym-work.

6. People are finally calling Jake ‘Jake’ and not ‘Max’, his character name.

7. Craig wanted to see more drama from Alison last weekend.

8. Mark pulled off the Samba and Craig attributes his passion to his desire to avoid the dance-off again.

9. Craig thought it was wonderful seeing Judy relax during her Charleston last weekend.

10. Caroline is hot and incredibly loose. Moving on…

11. Despite the exit, Thom really enjoyed his dance.

12. Being in the bottom two hit Thom pretty hard.

13. Thom is going to miss his new friendships after exiting the competition.

14. Iveta didn’t expect to go so early.

15. Thom wants Jake to win.

16. Zoe thinks Iveta and Thom should go on a date.


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