It Takes Two: Friday 24 October 2014

Who did we see?

Caroline and Pasha, Simon and Kristina, Judy and Anton and Friday Night Panel: Marian Keyes, Jane McDonald and Rufus Hound.

What did we learn?

1. Scott is feeling confident …. …. ….

2. Judy’s mum makes shortbread for the cast and creative each Friday.

3. Caroline was prepared for bad scores or the dance-off because she felt she messed things up multiple times.

4. Pasha gives Caroline quite advanced choreography because she can do it.

5. They will be dancing the Paso Doble this weekend.

6. Even Kristina found the Charleston hard and fast.

7. Simon will be tackling the Viennese Waltz this week and he loves it.

8. Judy momentarily lost her composure after she nearly ended up in the first row at the beginning of the routine.

9. Judy keeps hitting Anton in training.

10. Their Charleston is going to be fun … … …

11. Nobody wants to leave. This is not a shocking fact, is it?

12. Rufus Hound reckons dance is the embodiment of a philosophy.

13. Marian Keyes spooked Pasha. Yeah, she is a bit obsessed…

14. Rufus is concerned Frankie has written herself off by being amazing straight out the gate.

15. Sunetra isn’t thrilling Marian, yet.

16. Scott is echoing Chris Parker, according to Rufus.

17. According to Jane McDonald, women love a man who can dance.



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