It Takes Two: Tuesday 21 October 2014

Who did we see?

Mark and Karen, Jake and Janette, Scott and Joanne and Karen Hardy.

What did we learn?

1. Mark is improving every week as Karen is pushing him hard.

2. Karen’s shtick is making (w)right jokes.

3. Karen Hardy was shocked Mark and Karen ended up in the bottom two.

4. Karen would have liked to see marking down for illegal lifts since it is preached that they are forbidden.

5. Simon is beginning to lead Kristina, which is good.

6. Alison has flat feet, according to Karen which echoes Craig last night.

7. Craig is wrong: everybody can learn to dance. I personally thought that the judges ripping in to Scott was incredibly harsh – poor guy looked so distressed.

8. Jake feels he is more suited to the Latin than the Ballroom.

9. Janette reckons Jake could be turned in to a professional dancer.

10. Jake quite likes the Quickstep,

11. Karen felt that Pixie didn’t need a telling off for her non-raunchy Rumba.

12. The judges are nitpicking very early on.

13. Karen is in love with Jake and Janette. She was concerned he would be a one-dance wonder but he isn’t.

14. Caroline went over on her ankle during her routine last weekend.

15. Karen is now taking a three-week break. In her place, professional dancers will be answering questions tweeted in with the #AskITT tag.

16. Scott enjoyed constructive criticism from It Takes Two.He thinks Craig was too harsh on him.

17. Scott’s attack of nerves ruined his dance, yet again.

18. Scott is always saying ‘sorry’ in the training room.


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