It Takes Two: Friday 17 October 2014

Who did we see?

Sunetra and Brendan, Tim and Natalie, Mark and Friday Panel: Vanessa Feltz, Kelly Hoppen and Stephen Mulhern.

What did we learn?

1. Thom quite fancies a meat bikini for his routine in honour of Lady GaGa.

2. Mark is feeling better. Just in time to wear his white suit.

3. Mark had never heard ‘Tiger Feet’ before this week. Oh god.

4. The Quickstep is intense.

5. Tim thought the Charleston was ‘magnificent’. He really enjoyed the dance – it was great fun.

6. Tim really has a thing for hats. The It Takes Two team honoured this by giving him a pair of underpants for his head.

7. Tim found a glitter ball hunting around for Bargain Hunt. He presented it to Natalie.

8. Sunetra wants to redo her American Smooth every single week. The Salsa is not her friend.

9. Sunetra is having left and right problems and anti-clockwise/clockwise issues.

10. Strictly CCTV is now a thing.

11. The Friday Panel are loving Alison.

12. Kelly Hoppen reckons the set has too many cushions.

13. Vanessa thinks Scott is improving.

14. Kelly wants Judy to do better.

15. Vanessa thinks it is ‘cool’ that Simon was embarrassed doing the Rumba.

16. Caroline has ‘legs to die for’…says Kelly.

17. Stephen questions whether Jake may have peaked too early.

18. The greatest thing about the show, for Kelly, is the fact that people come on who you ‘know’ from television (like acting) and surprise you.


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