It Takes Two: Wednesday 15 October 2014

Who did we see?

Caroline and Pasha, Frankie and Kevin, Steve and Ola and Ian Waite.

What did we learn?

1. There is a dentist surgery somewhere where all patients are sitting waiting blindly in reception because every staff is off dancing to Grease.

2. Frankie enjoyed skirt action during the Paso.

3. Karen got Kevin a grey jumper for his birthday.

4. Kevin’s trousers ripped during the Paso last week.

5. Frankie is struggling with the Cha Cha and doubting her ability right now.

6. Judy needs to get down because she has a Tango posture.

7.  Ian spoilered himself by using a crocodile emote marker on Alison instead of saving it for Steve.

8. Pixie has great flexibility but needs to go in to the floor more (?)

9. Steve really loved his dance last week and is now motivated to do much more.

10. He is really enjoying the Salsa, which has lifts.

11. Jake needs to get off the balls of his feet.

12. Somebody has one job to capture Tim and Natalie in training but didn’t. Oops.

13. Caroline danced the Rumba so well by picturing her boyfriend’s head on Pasha’s body.

14. Caroline screams a lot in rehearsal due to frustration.

15. They are yet to work out if they are Sandy and Danny, or Knickey and Rizzo.


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  1. Why don’t you accept comments on your blog. It’s really good and Zoe Ball follows you!


    • I accept all comments on my blog (except for spam bots) as soon as they come through to my email (I’m not constantly logged on on my phone as storage) and I think the email system only comes through once a day. I tried to set automatic approval for loyal readers but it doesn’t seem to want to know.

      Do you follow me on Twitter?


    • Okay. Automatic approval should be set for you and previous posters now.


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