It Takes Two: Tuesday 14 October 2014

Who did we see?

Simon and Kristina, Thom and Iveta, Karen and Karen (Hardy).

What did we learn?

1. Even Superman falls ill because poor Mark Wright is feeling under the weather. He is a bit sick and needs rest to be top-top for training.

2. Rumba is difficult for the guys because it’s hard for them to move slow, eloquently explained by Kristina.

3. Simon admitted he had no idea what he was signing up for when he agreed to Strictly.

4. Len is always right when it comes to Simon, or so he says.

5. Kristina is the boss in the training room. Rightly so, she knows what she is doing…

6. They will be performing the Charleston this weekend.

7. Karen time now. She says Steve made some mistakes and shouldn’t loosen up like Donny suggested.

8. Miming or singing when dancing is a no no.

9. Karen and Ramps did a disastrous Rumba…but they went on to win. So there is hope for Simon and Kristina!

10. Props went quite wrong for Natalie and Tim which threw Tim off but thankfully he got it back.

11. Caroline has ‘über-charisma’.

12. Hearing the judges comments made everything worth it for Thom.

13. Donny may have actually got something right in pointing out Thom’s balance issue.

14. Iveta thinks this week will be much improved for Thom.

15. Karen and Mark have the Quickstep this weekend.


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