It Takes Two: Monday 13 October 2014

Who did we see?

Judy and Anton, Jennifer and Tristan, Scott and Joanne and Craig Revel Horwood.

What did we learn?

1. We may be three weeks in to It Takes Two but we are still exploiting children for comedy dancing purposes.

2. Craig was nervous about singing last weekend.

3. Simon and Kristina’s Rumba lacked emotional connecting, according to Craig.

4. Craig was elated with Thom’s personality and improvement last weekend.

5. Craig wanted to see some double bounce from Scott’s Samba. I just want to unsee it.

6. Scott had a crab hat on in rehearsals but it never made it to the live show. Scott thinks that would have been ‘too comedy’…. ….. …..

7. Scott thinks he is improving and last weekend was the first time he hadn’t felt absolutely terrified.

8. Judy felt a lot more comfortable in her Quickstep than previous weeks. Although ,when she watched it back, she did feel she was still wearing an ironing board.

9. Anton speaks the entire way through the routine.

10. They have the Tango this week. Anton has directed Judy to look at him as if she wants to ‘rip his kit off’.

11. Craig wouldn’t exactly call Mark’s Paso ‘smooth and strong’. I’d call it a few things.

12. Jennifer is stuck working so was demoted to a phone link in while poor Tristan sat like a lemon on the sofa.

13. She had the most fun last weekend with her dance routine.

14. Tristan is happy Jennifer got to dance to a song she loves.


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