Strictly Come Dancing 2014: week three results


People have been messaging me today and largely agreeing with my long-winded blog from last night. So thank you for that, readers…it really does mean a lot to be supported. But for those who feel I was a little unclear in my overarching message, it’s this: my main shtick was that was staging of last night’s show gave more away about where the show is descending too than it seemed.

But I’m getting off my soapbox now, and here is a recap of the results show.

Professional opener

Natalie Lowe transforms into Mary Poppins with the rest of the girls as cleaners (?) and the men as Dick Van Dyke’s but with Kevin as the main Dick. Not really much I can say because I really enjoyed it. Good to see a clean dance after some of last night’s offerings (then again, I expected no less).


Pixie and Trent, Jake and Janette, Alison and Aljaž, Mark and Karen, Sunetra and Brendan and Tim and Natalie.

Potentially out?

Simon and Kristina.

Donny Osmond – Moonriver

Accompanied by Anton and Joanne dancing oh so elegantly.

I reluctantly watched this with sound, because I am still fuming with Donny for just his existence on the panel last night…NEVER MIND THAT 10!

Len’s Lens

THINGS: Frankie went to town and set the bar for Paso Doble (Len), Simon has potential and should be taking risks (Darcey), Mark was brave to try something so technical (Craig), Anton was screaming as he whirled Judy around in their routine and some kids dance to Let It Go in front of a disgruntled dog.


Caroline and Pasha, Scott and Joanne, Frankie and Kevin, Steve and Ola, Thom and Iveta and Judy and Anton.

Potentially out?

Jennifer and Tristan.

Dance off

I don’t think Jennifer and Tristan see their span in this competition past about ten minutes time. It wasn’t any better than first time and it wasn’t any worse. It just….was. It just existed. I’ll miss Tristan’s beautiful face.

So Simon and Kristina reperform their Rumba with slightly more heart than last night (/earlier on) because having to fight seems to have woken Simon up a bit.

OUT: Jennifer Gibney and Tristan MacManus.


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  1. I am one of your Quote “two bloggers that actually read your blog” but you don’t respond! You are doing a great blog and I believe Zoe Ball follows you on Twitter! Keep it up Mrs.


    • I always respond to comments! Something is wrong with the system though, because I never get any notifications. The only time I see comments is when I check the posts themselves – which of course I don’t do much, because I don’t tend to check through my work on the main site and the dashboard edits them out, which is a bit weird!


    • Thank you for all the support! I’m assuming you follow me on Twitter, then!


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