It Takes Two: Friday 10 October 2014

Who did we see?

Jennifer and Tristan, Pixie and Trent, Mark and Karen, Sara Cox, Richard Arnold and Donny Osmond.

What did we learn?

1. Jennifer made a mistake in her week two performance that she had never made in rehearsals and so was happy to be able to perform it again to get it right.

2. Tristan likes to sing choreography and random words in training. You know like a bit when you get back from a Youth Winter Camp and find yourself singing a song about walking to the fridge.

3. Trent wants to use difficult choreography to challenge Pixie.

4. Pixie was amazed to receive the same mark last weekend – 35 – as Jake and Janette did for their Salsa.

5. Trent is going to dress up as a candlestick. I think this is a joke but with this show I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t speaking in jest.

6. Mark gets really worked up seeing his family in the audience but that isn’t the reason Michelle Keegan won’t be there tomorrow.

7. Mark is upset he can’t fly. I tried to fly once and ended up spending several hours in Accident and Emergency, leaving with a bright pink cast.

8. Donny is celebrating 50 years in showbiz.

9. Sara is enjoying watching Caroline.

10. Sara wants to run Judy through a mangel and put her back together. Alright.

11. Thom needs to give more tomorrow to make a good performance, according to Donny. Donny will be the fifth judge tomorrow evening.

12. Donny reckons Jake could sit pretty at the top of the leaderboard if he is as good as his training footage.

13. Richard reckons Judy for the bottom. Sara also Judy. Donny can’t say.


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