It Takes Two: Thursday 9 October 2014

Who did we see?

Simon and Kristina, Tim and Natalie, Frankie and Kevin and Vicky Gill.

What did we learn?

1. Simon’s mum didn’t smile until he finished his dance, which must have been off-putting.

2. Zoe tried a perm in 1986 and ended up looking a bit like the late Maggie Thatcher.

3. Simon is worried people will think he can’t make love properly if he messes up his Rumba….

4. Tim stamped on his own foot in training.

5. Tim was surprised by his score of 23 last weekend…and by the fact that he never tripped up.

6. Natalie was really happy with their routine.

7. There will be a cast number – chaos ensues this weekend!

8. Zoe is attempting to get her family to dress up as The Incredibles this weekend to watch the show.

9. Ola’s dress will continue an animal print theme, as will Steve’s costume

10. Pixie becomes the next celebrity to complain the Quickstep is ‘quick’

11. Frankie and Kevin are out to break boundaries.

12. Kevin aspires to join a boyband with Aljaž, Trent, Pasha and Tristan.


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