It Takes Two: Wednesday 8 October 2014

Who did we see?

Scott and Joanne, Steve and Ola, Jake and Janette and Ian Waite.

What did we learn?

1. Jake used to play the drums when he was younger.

2. Ian isn’t too sure Jake is going to be able to maintain his top line.

3. Judy looks like she is smelling Anton’s aftershave when she pivots.

4. She is also too in line with Anton.

5. Mark needs to create a curve in the body for his Paso this weekend.

6. Scott and Joanne have raiding the toy cupboard in preparation for their sea-Samba this weekend.

7. Scott pulls funny faces in training.

8. Scott reckons he is being sent down the ‘comedy route’. He is going to be dressed as a crab this weekend, so I can see why he may have arrived at that conclusion.

9. Ian reckons Frankie is perfect for a Paso Doble.

10. Simon needs to make sure he is filling out the music, all the time.

11. Thom needs to get on time with Iveta.

12. Steve reckons his performance last week was ‘deplorable’ and ‘awful from start to finish’.

13. He compared his style to ‘Great Granddad dancing’. Ouch. Harsh self-criticism.

14. Steve was totally thrown off when he accidentally picked Adam Woodyatt – Ian Beale – out of the crowd to take his solo moment in front of.

15. Steve’s favourite movie is ‘The Jungle Book’; talk about a take on a self fulfilling prophecy.


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