It Takes Two: Tuesday 7 October 2014

Who did we see?

Alison and Aljaž, Caroline and Pasha, Judy and Anton and Karen Hardy.

What did we learn?

1. Judy went wonky at the start of her routine and it threw her off.

2. Judy was trying to keep herself more upright during her routine which resulted in her looking unrelaxed and awkward.

3. Anton has a terrible problem with attempting to pull of a Scottish accent…very badly.

4. Judy has already coined the ‘slowstep-come-Quickstep’ joke.

5. Anton is taking Craig’s advice and lifting Judy off of her feet.

6. For Karen, Thom got some of the ‘armology’ wrong.

7. Jennifer improved from week one to week two, according to Karen.

8. Arm movements need to be over-exagerated.

9. Zoe has watched Jake and Janette’s Salsa more than once. More than one indeed.

10. Caroline had great direction change in her Tango – more than enough for week two.

11. Caroline and Pasha have the Rumba this week and Caroline is already loving it.

12. Karen found watching Tim and Natalie’s Waltz ‘beautiful’.

13. If Scott gets his ‘heel to toe’ right it will improve him, says Karen.

14. Alison isn’t sure she can get her hold lines any better as Len wants.

15. The Foxtrot is one of the hardest dances to learn.

16. Alison slipped over during her routine last weekend.

17. Ballroom didn’t come as naturally to Alison, according to Aljaž.

18. Alison and Aljaž take regular training breaks to eat an apple and have a conversation.

19. Alison has the Jive this weekend. This is going to be FABULOUS.



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