It Takes Two: Monday 6 October 2014

Who did we see?

Gregg and Aliona, Sunetra and Brendan, Thom and Iveta and Craig Revel Horwood.

What did we learn?

1. Craig is expecting more from Simon. More than he is getting.

2. Craig has every confidence in Alison. Confidence in what?

3. Scott needs to stop pursing his lips, according to Craig, and loosen up.

4. Thom does not have a very serious ‘serious but sexy face’. In fact, it lands Iveta in hysterics.

5. Slipping bracelets were the reason that lift went a bit wrong at the end of Thom and Iveta’s routine.

6. Thom and Iveta have the Charleston this week. I feel a Louis Smith moment coming on…

7. Sunetra’s dress run did not go well earlier in the day, which spooked her for real thing.

8. Sunetra still found it tricky to pick up choreography in week two. She compared it to learning a new language every week.

9. Her weakness is her left and right. Like many celebrities.

10. Craig thinks Sunetra is a natural dancer.

11. Craig applauds Jake’s ability and courage to do those lifts in last week’s Salsa.

12. Judy has a lovely smile. Craig’s being nice.

13. Caroline needs to sort her top line out to impress Craig.

14. Gregg thought he was going to be better than he was. He is very proud of his dancing though, as he should be.

15. John Torode apparently won’t be coming anywhere near the show. So, next year probably.


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