It Takes Two: Wednesday 1 October

Who did we see?

Scott Mills and Joanne Clifton, Mark Wright and Karen Hauer, Caroline Flack and Pasha Kovalev and Ian Waite.

What did we learn?

1. Some poor bloke with a name sounding like ‘Guido’ (actually not) had to dress up in hotpants and deliver apple juice to Caroline and Pasha. To which she is allergic. Thought etc etc.

2. Caroline is a twin. She looked at her on Friday night and was automatically at ease.

3. Pasha was ‘over the moon’ with Caroline’s performance.

4. The tango has made Caroline compare the Cha Cha Cha to the Macerena…

5. Ian Waite likes the female contestants to wear shoes in rehearsal to aid their training.

6. Ian wants Pixie to make a vase shape with her body.

7. Scott Mills finds this a bit overwhelming.

8. Joanne Clifton has taught loads of newbies how to dance.

9. Scott and Joanne are working hard on getting Scott’s knees lower in the tango.

10. Zoe has a giant glittery crayon this year to play with during Waite’s Wednesday Warm Up. It’s a heart stamp, actually.

11. Anton is using props this year. A towel. A TOWEL. Presumably to cover limbs.

12. Judy splayed her hands too much. Almost as if she was mimicking hitting with a tennis racket…

13. Ian thinks Mark had the best smile and face last weekend.

14. Tim wears some weird things in the training room. A green beanie?

15. Jennifer and Tristan are looking a bit like a Paso Doble despite doing a Waltz this weekend.

16. Thom changes his hands on his spins. Which is apparently quite amazing.

17. Mark Wright wears his heart on his sleeve. So that’s what that red thing is…

18. Mark’s smile was making Karen blush.


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