It Takes Two: Monday 29 September 2014

Who did we see with Zoe?

Alison Hammond and Aljaž Skorjanec, Simon Webbe and Kristina Rihanoff, Judy Murray and Anton Du Beke and Karen Hardy.

What did we learn?

1. We are lead to believe that the It Takes Two studio sits quietly in the corner of the studios and, once a year, is dusted with a glitter-filled feather duster and Zoe turns the lights on.

2. Alan Dedicoat still sounds like he is saying ‘Stickly Come Dancing’ on the voiceover over the credits.

3. Zoe has a new toy. It’s a flashing billboard with all the celebrity couples on. One assumes that it will show the eliminated in a red light from next week.

4. Aljaž smells like ‘musty spice’ but, sadly, he has sweaty palms.

5. Alison and Aljaž have the Foxtrot this weekend.

6. Caroline Flack originally had longer hair extensions for her dance but her head was too heavy to spin so she lost some hair.

7. Kristina Rihanoff is scary in the training room with her ‘look’.

8. Simon and Kristina have the tango this weekend.

9. Karen Hardy is 20 weeks pregnant, today. Congratuations Karen!

10. Karen surmises that Judy will never like being told she’s wrong. She better buck up then.

11. Karen is a massive fan of Scott Mills but quickly dampened her crush by slating his air punching.

12. Anton is the ‘ballroom beefcake’, apparently.

13. Jamie Murray told his mother ‘don’t worry about the marks, it’s important not to peak too early’. Nice one.

15. Judy Murray was removed from dance classes at seven years old for being disruptive.

16. Anton is making ‘towelography’ a thing this weekend from their Cha Cha Cha.


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