Strictly Come Dancing 2014: celebrity cast


Strictly Come Dancing is coming back! The launch show for the 2014 star-spangled marathon of dance airs on BBC1 at 8pm on Sunday 7th September, having been recorded on the Wednesday before.

It seems that even the BBC wanted to avoid having to give time to The One Show and have revealed celebrity contestants in an agonisingly slow process of, so far, one a day since, well…feels like forever ago this system started. Except now it’s finally over and we have a complete class (and thanks to The Sun giving away the last three before 7pm, we didn’t have to endure The One Show)

And here is who we have so far (important), my ramble (less important) and who I think they’ll be partnered with (always wrong).


The first of this year’s flagging popstars comes in the form Frankie Bridge from pop quintet The Saturdays (who I am reliably informed are on a break so expect one in the jungle). The first official celebrity announced set of the chain reaction for the one-a-day reveal PR push, although nobody was particularly surprised to see her name in lights here. I think Frankie will definitely be subjected to the ‘well she must have been trained to dance in music videos’ brigade (nope, they stand around in front of moving screens a lot) but let’s put that to bed now, shall we? She seems perky enough, I’m sure she’ll be great.

The other pop-type person is Pixie Lott who will encounter the same training accusations but with the added bonus of having been to Italia Conti. Did you know she was nearly in ITV’s Britannia High? She sings beautifully, she looks great but can she dance? Who the heck knows? That’s what we’re about to find out! I’d hazard a guess that she probably can dance but wonder if she’ll end up like Rachel Riley last year…too built up and an utter disaster.

And now Judy Murray – that oh-so-famous mother of a tennis star with performance-dependant national identities. A fair bit of mud surrounding her status for the show – as I probably just demonstrated/added to myself – but at least she is a superfan, which adds something to the experience of her on television. I won’t write her off just yet, but Andy might. MUUUUUUUM.

Alison Hammond takes the television presenter crown so far for this year. The This Morning presenter will hope to be more Susanna Reid than Dan Lobb but only time will tell. You can tell I don’t know much about her, right? I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of her, but showbiz enthusiast with a gig on ITV is a long-running credential for this show. They just never do that well. Predictive Partner: 

Actress time now and Sunetra Sarker from BBC Casualty joins the ranks. Tess will have to do the honours in mispronouncing her name in Brucie’s absence but, judging by the presence of ‘Oh-la’, I am sure Miss Daly will do us proud. Actresses do well, it’s all about the performance dahhhhhling.

Another day, another dancer. Caroline Flack finally confirms her upcoming appearance in the ballroom surprising literally nobody. I’m a fan of her for two reasons: we share a middle name and we both live in the same part of the woods. As to whether or not she will be any good, who knows. Although, I do secretly rate her chances…she’s feisty and fearsome; good qualities to have (in a contestant anyway…).

Last up, Jennifer Gibney of Mrs Brown’s Boy ‘fame’. Anybody who knows me knows I detest that ‘comedy’ and everything about the unfunny, shocking poor and insane show that seems to dominate ratings…even on repeat episodes (although it was highest rated BBC Saturday night against *Tumble* and *Nick Knowles*; not hard, I’d be more popular). So being that I’ll have to endure clips of the sketchs she is in each week, I’m not a fan. Prove me wrong, actresses normally do.


Former contestant Kelly Brook mentions return, no doubt, as ex-partner Thom Evans proves a scrummy (ack) addition for the boys team. He’s a former rugby players his appearance could go either way and he’ll be plumping for Austin Healey and not Ben Cohen. Or even for Gavin Henson who, probably with my obsessive Katya voting, managed to make it to week 11.

Christmas special star Simon Webbe suddenly has enough time to do a full series as he returns to the dance floor for at least two dances this time. Boyband stars are a real mixed bag and I can’t remember if he’ll have one less week or something because he has previously done a stint, nor can I remember how he performed last time.

This year’s written-off-already contestant is naturist Steve Backshall – who I had not heard of before the other day. I know we say that you should not judge a book and all that but I fear we all have already. Please prove me wrong, us Brits love an underdog.

Soap star quota ropes Max Branning – Jake Wood – into the mix this year. He’ll be hoping to follow Ashley Taylor-Dawson’s path and beyond as he channels as much energy in to his dancing as his EastEnders character does into sleeping with every non-related female on the square.

TOWIE expat Mark Wright has finally joined the show after about eight weeks of him being rumoured and attempting to do a Robbie Savage in denying the rumours at every moment. Now we’re stuck with him and many audience shots of his fiancé Michelle Keegan. I hope he’ll be good, but something tells me I might be (w)right in thinking he’ll be all tan and no performance.

The one I did not see coming was radio DJ and March 28th baby Scott Mills. I’ll willingly admit that I know as much about him as I know about golfing (naff all) but I already fully support him because we share a birthday. So I hope he’ll be good so I can keep reminding people of this fact. Although, if he is terrible, I can sympathise with him that it runs in the date…

Evil Masterchef Man Gregg Wallace takes his spot on the dance floor (dance floor, not a boxing ring) and I am sure he will have the dubious honour of last in and first out. I hope. Even John is unimpressed.

Completing the entire thing at a Bargain (Hunt) price is Tim Wonnacott. Nope, no idea. Daytime television people remind me of the orthodontist.

MY PREDICTIONS (I could probably make five lists, I count on you lot to stop me changing them)

Tim – Ola

Gregg – Iveta

Scott – Karen

Mark – Janette

Jake – Aliona

Steve – Kristina

Simon – Joanne

Thom – Natalie

Jennifer – Kevin

Caroline – Anton

Sunetra – Trent

Alison – Aljaz

Judy – Brendan

Pixie – Tristan

Frankie – Pasha

The launch show for the 2014 star-spangled marathon of dance airs on BBC1 at 8pm on Sunday 7th September, having been recorded on the Wednesday before.


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  1. I have also made predictions on the couples and we have 3 the same, Allison and aljaz, sunetra and Trent and Jake and aliona.


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