Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week twelve results

Dun dun dun…who’s making it to the final? Will the producers get the all-girl they want?


Dynamo’s magic powers know no bounds as he charms his way into the middle of the opening dance. And then everybody else appeared dressed in yellow with card suit symbols printed on them.

In the final

Sophie & Brendan and Abbey & Aljaž.

Dance off: Patrick and Anya.

That show dance we get each year 

Still doing the throwing about – even if I can’t remember if it is the same duo – but this year to My Immortal.

Len’s Lens

Last in the series and I won’t even pretend I am sad about this.

Who’s in the final for sure?

Susanna & Kevin.

So Natalie and Artem have to dance again.

Celiné Dion

With Aliona and Artem.


Patrick and Anya break in to their waltz again seemingly knowing they are done for. Sparking the idea that maybe we shouldn’t have a dance-off in the semi final and elect the finalists purely on public vote. It was a beautiful waltz and they are a great couple. Be proud, guys.

Natalie and Artem with their AT next up – full of power and attack. And passion. And pouting.

I think it’s a bit unfair the judges get to elect the final couple.

ELIMINATED: Patrick Robinson and Anya Garnis by 4 votes.

Natalie and Artem are in the final.


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