It Takes Two: ten things we learned during week eleven

The run-up to the two dance week semi final.

1. Ashley Taylor Dawson and Ola Jordan formed a very beautiful friendship throughout this series.

2. Pasha Kovalev only scored 37 in the professional challenge. Karen Hauer scored 68. Artem 48. Kevin and Janette coming in at 77 and 63.

3. Natalie Lowe is back dancing! Albeit briefly when giving a dance lesson in Foxtrot with Ian Waite.

4. Patrick Robinson has matched Colin Jackson/Harry Judd rumba record by scoring 36. Random fact: I was in the audience when Harry and Aliona did that rumba.

5. Patrick has a ‘speak jar’ whereby he has to part with 50p every single time he speaks during their routine rehearsal.

6. The winner of the professional challenge thus taking the Guinness World Record: Kevin Clifton.

7. Peter Crouch makes the Stoke team vote for Abbey.

8. Sophie and Brendan have ‘tricky lifts’ tomorrow.

9. Janette’s favourite dance of the series so far has been Susanna and Kevin’s Waltz.

10. Chris Hollins likes tradition. The song? In dances? In general?


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