Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week eleven results

Serious stuff now. Some awful singing, mind.

We begin with Aliona all up in our faces and a cameo from Shem Jacobs – whom I adore – in a professional dance somewhat ruined by the wind machine being a little overactive (and other dancers, but I confess to not noticing anything else).


Sophie & Brendan and Abbey and AljaĆŸ.

And Ashley & Ola.

The Saturdays

Truly painful. No professional dance.


Len’s Lens

Oh wait, bring back the Saturdays.


Susanna & Kevin and Natalie & Artem.

So Patrick & Anya are in the bottom two.


Twitter is uproar about this. My mentions are a sea of discontent.

Ashley and Ola went up first. I thought they were 10 times more on fire the second time – and the first was fast and energetic. The whole routine seemed more finely tuned but a few of the lifts went wrong(/didn’t happen).

Then to Patrick and Anya who bent and flexed their way through their bedroom-Rumba display. Told a story, made me emotional and I really can’t call this one.

Eliminated: Ashley Taylor Dawson and Ola Jordan after losing three votes. Len would have saved them, but what does it matter?


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