I’m A Celebrity: 6 December

The nation’s favourite trial. And possibly the only one we can all say – with some conviction – we’d love to do.

Trial: Celebrity Cyclone

This is the one whereby the remaining celebrities have to clamber up the slip ‘n slide with a humongous star while having water lashed down on them and being attacked by a giant wind machine. Hey, at least it is all sans bugs.

They struggled and the first four made their way to their places when Kian – going up to slope – ended up being drenched and knocking everybody out of place. Eventually, though, they climbed back up and were fully victorious.

Order of star line-up bottom to top: David, Lucy, Amy, Joey, Kian.

Other things

Kian cried when Alfonso left the camp – a heartwarming friendship has been forged!

David’s royal comparisons: Kian would be Prince William. Lucy a minor royal. Joey the jester…or Prince Harry. Amy would be a royal corgi.

Lucy went off in a raging mood.

Amy handed over two bikinis – having gone over the three bikini rule – and a lipstick. The contraband on this girl has been endless, but given that it ends tomorrow I am not entirely sure why this is such a big argument.

Amy and David went off on Dingo Duty where they found they had to manoeuvre coins from different compartments to the next using tongs Рif they dropped the coins they went down the swanny Рwith a view to gathering 100 in the dollar box at the end. They requested bread and jam from resident grumpy-guts Keith. Question? Collective weight loss of the celebrities who have left the jungle so far? They guessed 7stone 1lb. Answer? 10 stone 3lb. Lose.

Morale running high after phone calls from home(/hotel around the corner). To get to the prospect of calling, the campmates had to run around like meshuganahs and find numbers. They then called the number and shouted to the corresponding person to have a chat. Some numbers, of course, were fake and the celebrities were told so by Kiosk Keith in his new job as a phone operator. Kian sadly didn’t get to speak to his loved one because the last couple numbers were too well hidden – still, at least he’d seen his wife a week ago.

EVICTED: Amy Willerton and Joey Essex.


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