I’m A Celebrity 2013: 5 December

Not particularly an interesting episode but two more disappeared.

Trial: Surf and Turf

This involved Amy crawling around with coloured keys, through webs with creepy crawlies and unlocking the coloured boxes at the end of the tank assault course. Snakes, spiders, crabs and eels were among the parties joining her in the tanks. She then had to go under water in the last section and unlock the coloured box to retrieve the stars.

Six stars.

Other things

Now Steve has departed, dunny duty is up for grabs.

Dingo Dollar Duty fell upon Joey and Alfonso who had to dress up as cockroaches, find numbered eggs (among a pile of grass and eggs sans numbers) to reveal a set of numbers they then had to place to make a maths sum. QUESTION: According to a survey what percentage of men said they would rather their partner wear make-up at all times? 52% or 73%? Camp said lower. Answer was higher (don’t get me started) so NO HOT CHOCOLATE.

Octopus and wallaby for dinner.

Rebecca worked out just how many bikinis Amy has in camp.

Left in camp while the rest went off (see below) were Rebecca and Lucy who pondered their campmates while they did the same in the tub.

Playing for a ticket to the hot tub

Alfonso had to spin around on the spot like a tit until the klaxon went. Dermot O’Leary on the big screen then had to do the same. Al got 21 and Dermot…something under that. He wins.

Lucy hulahooped three times up against Ashley Roberts who managed…four. She loses.

Kian had to squirt soap against Peter Andre (who managed to chuck his off of the table) and so Kian won.

David and Davina McCall had to hold a high note and David held out the longest for the win.

Rebecca had to unravel sellotape against Janet Street-Porter. And lost.

Joey had to pick up ping pong balls with his mouth and drop them into another bucket, beating Stephen Mulhern.

Amy had to count animals but naming them aloud – one of those moments where you forget everything – but managed to beat Mel B anyway.

Egg off for chocolate strawberries. Kian and Alfonso had to play the ice-cube game with an egg – both moving the egg with their lips to the box. They won.

GONE: Alfonso Ribeiro and Rebecca Adlington leave. 


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