I’m A Celebrity: 4 December

Watch with heart in mouth. And tissues nearby. Sort of.

Two-person trial: Planks of Perils

Alfonso and Kian went off to the trial in which they were to try grab four stars (by untying them) in exchange for eight meals. Alfonso was blindfolded, hoisted up and guided along wooden planks high in the sky by Kian who walked the planks alongside him, sans blindfold. Alfonso then had to throw the stars to Kian in order to complete a win each time.

Each time there was a loud cannon bang – aimed to distract, I assume – Alfonso was unfazed…but Dec jumped out of his skin.

Hairy moment as Alfonso stepped on a plank and plummeted down much to the horror of Kian, Ant, Dec and the entire viewing population right after they had been victorious in their efforts.

Full house. Props.

Other things

We had the obligatory Amy disliking rant of the day. This time from Steve who is finding it hard to warm to her.

Dingo Dollar time: Lucy and David went off to cover themselves in feathers, find eggs and flirt with some ostriches. They had to find eggs with faces or campmates on and order them in order of most attractive from left to right, then hard-working and then fame. During this, the campmates were in camp lining themselves up in this order which as fed to the ostrich pen where the lights would signify if the duo were on track.¬†For Twiglets: According to a recent survey, how many women said that sex gets better with age? 89% or 67%. They say? Higher. Answer? Higher! Congrats, have some arse sticks (Alfonso’s words)

Time of year again whereby the celebrities fight to win emails from home (or, from the hotel in Australia in some cases). In time tradition, they play to win emails for a fellow camper. To do this, they had to manoeuvre a snooker ball into the ‘save’ hole at one end of a giant keyboard by, like you know that iPad game? Labyrinth? Yeah that way, but if the ball fell into the ‘delete’ hole…well you get it. Thankfully, they all got their notes because nobody failed in their task.

Then they read them to one another. Always a tearjerker. I won’t recount them, same old same old.

Crocodile feet for dinner. Amy cooked. Nearly singed herself but hey, she cooked. And apparently it was nice.

EVICTED: Steve Davis.


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