I’m A Celebrity: 3 December

Carlton Dance. Double elimination. Steve falls in a lake.

Trial: Scares Rock

Steve took on tonight’s torment and had to navigate his way over planks to collect a star, return to the start to put the star in a box and do it again. Ten times. But some of the planks would move in and out (think video game/sucker punch on Total Wipeout) and send him flying all while being enveloped by creepy crawlies which were chucked on him at regular intervals.

Ant and Dec were reduced to tears from laughter as Steve bumbled his way through the task – even managing to slip and fall into the water before the trial even began.

Three stars. Oy. Not his trial, really. I’d like to have a go at that – bar the insects.

Other things

Alfonso does the Carlton Dance a la Fresh Prince and teaches Rebecca, Joey, David and Vincent as well. Later, the whole camp perform it. With music.

Alfonso came very close to getting himself out of the jungle. He felt unprepared and swamped with it all. Overwhelmed, in fact.

Joey saw his first ever stick insect when he and Rebecca went off to Dingo Dollar. They had to open up mail envelopes and search for jigsaw pieces. The completed jigsaw would reveal a letter. They duo had to count the letters to get the code to release the dollars. The question for the brownies? At what age do adults have more fun? They go 26. Answer is 68. No gold.

The above question caused a little controversy among the camp who were adamant the survey was wrong. Matthew suggested the survey was conducted on Mars. Now that, I doubt. To me 68 seems legitimate: no student loan, hopefully would have retired, kids and grandkids all being well..

Steve‘s effort resulted in eels for dinner.

DOUBLE EVICTION: Vincent Simone and Matthew Wright.


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