I’m A Celebrity: 2 December

90 minutes until we boot another out. Fun having the power, innit?

Trial: Who Dares Wins…Stars

Laila (well, not her personally) spun The Wheel of Misfortune and faced her fate of being dared to take on whatever horrific task was thrust unto her as a result.

Don’t Be Crabby: Laila had to stick her head in a box full of solider crabs and stay for one minute. One star.

Trouser Snake: Put on a pair of see-through trousers and hold a snake in them. One star.

Ant Eater: Laila had to put her face in two boxes filled with green ants.  In both boxes she had to unscrew the stars. Oh yeah, she had to use her mouth. One star(/out of two).

Croc Your Body: Laila made a friend in a crocodile as she lay down with one resting on her. Easy task this, because she didn’t smile. Three stars.


10 stars! (out of 11)

Other things

Apparently it’s like somebody has died when people leave the camp. Well…

Amy and Lucy made up after contraband-gate.

Lucy is finding it hard to hold her tongue in camp. Hadn’t noticed she was trying.

Vincent and Kian went on Dingo Dollar Duty but soon parted ways as Vincent went for a ‘bravery’ task and Kian away for a ‘brains’ task. Vincent donned his jester-looking onesie and had to cross a high beam rope collecting clues from the platforms. These clues went down to Kian who had to find the dollars. Question time!:According to a recent survey what percentage of teenagers said their career aim was to be a celebrity. 68% or 54%”. Answer was the latter but the camp went for the former. No win.

Pub challenge now and the campmates had to answer random questions on one another. Joey, Becky, Vincent, Laila and Steve (the blues) were victorious so off they went to the Jungle Arms.

Emu eggs were served up. It transpires that they weren’t very nice.

Laila Morse becomes the second person to leave the jungle.


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