Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week ten results

The curtain’s coming down, but upon whom?

We begin dancing to FAME (well, them not us) with Janette up front having some dream in which she jumps hurdles, changes clothes several times and morphs into Anton for a second (that’s enough).


Abbey & Aljaž and Patrick & Anya.

Dance-off for Mark & Iveta.

Alfie Boe

The annual outing for the singer who delivered a beautiful rendition of  ‘Bring Him Home’. They wheel him out every December, I’m quite sure he lives on set, and as Twitter has so rightly pointed out, he appears to only know one song.

Accompanied by Karen-from-nobody-cares and Kevin-from-Grimsby.

Judges and that ridiculous Len’s Lens thing



Sophie & Brendan, Natalie & Artem and Susanna & Kevin.

Putting Ashley & Ola up in the dance-off.


Mark and Iveta take to the floor for their fourth dance-off in the first of the Disney dances (mind, at least this one is a musical) and it’s even more potty than the first time. Also, the dullest interpretation of The Lion King ever because we all have those dang zebras. Mark is full of energy, at least he’s out on a high. And forever immortalised looking like a prat.

So that leaves Ashley and Ola to dance to Aladdin (after Ashley is scared witless by having to fly again). I enjoyed it more than the first time. Almost felt more connected, possibly because of the threat of crashing out while dressed up for a Disney theme university party.

Mark Benton and Iveta Lukosiute leave the competition – after three previous escapes – by four votes to none.


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