I’m A Celebrity 2013: 1 December

Wow, December already. Time to boot one out the jungle!

Trial: Critter Crates

Lucy, Annabel, Alfonso, Steve, Amy, Kian and Joey take part in this one to earn food and compete for immunity. For this, they were locked in an insect-laden crate and they had to get the hell out of it. To achieve this they had to drag keys up the maze wall in front of them – five of them – using magnets. Within five minutes.

Matthew was first out of his crate – thereby gaining immunity – and Alfonso second but the lot of them only won three stars (both gaining one and a half meals) and everybody else went a bit ochen vey and failed to complete.

Other things

Dingo Dollar time: Lucy has to free Steve from his captivity by listening to his instructions in order to complete the circuit board in front of her to release Steve and the money. The question? ‘According to a recent survey, what percentage of women flirt with other men to make their partner jealous?’ A) 64% or B) 53%. B is the one they elect, B is right and B is for biscuits!

Matthew continued his vendetta against Amy by ‘hoping she won’t be here much longer’.

Amy’s concealer was uncovered and Alfonso advised Amy to give it in.

Annabel got herself all in a tizzy and cried at the thought of a trial.

The celebrities discussed their first impressions of each other and how their perceptions had changed after two weeks in the jungle camp together.

Lucy¬†admitted she thought Joey would annoy her to high hell but he’s actually really sweet and she didn’t realise Matthew would be so fun. Awww. But then she said: “thank you Mr Wright for proving me wrong” and ew.

Matthew thought David would be – basically – a jumped up prissy but he isn’t and now Matthew is going to stalk him throughout the rest of his days.

Rebecca admitted she thought Amy was going to be a ‘bimbo’ (oo the sociology in this) but she’s actually alright.

Vincent told Kian they may be best friends for life. Promise or threat? You decide.

Laila was honest that she didn’t have a clue who Amy was before the show.

David had high praise for both Amy and Rebecca.

Amy respects Annabel for conquering her fears. Albeit being a bit screamy.

Turns out the Lucy is looking out for Amy – she delivers stellar advice that the face isn;t everything but the heart (pointed here to the lungs) is.

And…Annabel Giles is the first to leave the jungle.


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