I’m A Celebrity: 30 November

Trial: As Scream on TV

As predicted, David found himself plonked in different boxes and ‘appearing’ on different programmes. He’d put his head in a box, his arms sprawled into side boxes full of nasties – one side having a dial for him to turn to lower the star – and bite the star/s off. 

’60 Cricket Makeover’, ‘Final Score-pion’, ‘The Antiques Roach-show’, ‘Knight Spider’ and ‘D-Ants-Ing On Ice’ were the hideous setups David was treated to.

Eight stars.

Other things

Kian and Joey were a bit peed off that Laila wasn’t pleased with them saving her to live another day.

David talked about the day the late Princess Diana passed away. Also about that wedding dress.

Rebecca talked about the Olympics and her World Record.

Laila started out as an actress in her brother’s (Gary Oldman) film Nil By Mouth.

Annabel got into modelling after being made up in Boots after serving tea.

Matthew and Alfonso make up. Life is too short for petty squabbles. They do make good television though.

It transpires that nobody knew who Amy was before she entered the jungle. The rest of them embarked on a bitching fest about her – especially Matthew. Meow.

David, Rebecca and Vincent are immune from tomorrow evening’s first eviction. They won all three tokens after throwing nuggets down a chute into passing coloured holes for two hours while surrounded by rats and other things in a cage.

The rest of the celebrities will battle in the trial tomorrow for immunity. Well today but we see tomorrow. Before we start voting to boot people.


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