It Takes Two: ten things we learned during week nine

Here are these things…

1. The Charleston was the first (and last) time Ben danced to the music.

2. We’re gearing up for Musicals week.

3. Iveta Lukosiute’s obsession with grapes continues.

4. Abbey Clancy is doing a ‘koala lift’. She’s nervous for a later spinny lift.

5. Robin Windsor eats the most out of all the professionals (I assume they mean most often?) because he’s always with sweets or chocolate.

6. Pasha Kovalev plays a lot of games on his phone but Kristina checks her phone the entire time.

7. Vicky Gill and the costume team take great care to make sure costumes don’t look ‘daft’ or like ‘fancy dress’.

8. Natalie Gumede would rather throw herself off a 30ft ledge than do her lifts. We could probably get that prop.

9. Random dancers will be back this weekend in Abbey’s dance. Lordy.

10. Victoria Silvstedt clearly had no idea what she was even doing on the panel but earned her place by looking suitably appalled at Rufus Hound.


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