I’m A Celebrity 2013: 29 November

Does anybody else play ‘Clumsy Ninja’? It’s so addictive!

Oh yeah, the rainy jungle…

Trial: Drown Under

Rebecca Adlington was elected by the camp to take on the trial. The Olympic swimmer was plunged into an underwater box split into three compartments; each filled with  water-loving insects and a puzzle board of ten stars. After a bit of fussing over not liking fish and a crab trying to sit on a star by nipping her, Beck managed to grab all the stars on offer.

But it’s alright, the crab then ended up as dinner.

Other things

Amy misses Joey.

A row broke out between Matthew and Alfonso.

David got a bit frufruntzeld (annoyed) when he wasn’t elected for the trial.

The fight for immunity tokens commences with Joey Essex (not Albert Einstein) and Kian Egan as they play a memory game based somewhat on the generation game. Of course, they didn’t focus on the task in hand because of the swarm of flies and worms descending on them. Joey remembered 22/20 while Kian narrowly failed with 18/20.

An evening screwdriver contest ensued to win the prizes on the board they managed to get off. Or something. They only appeared to get Fries and Donuts (well, it is Chanukah after all).

Immune: Laila Morse (who wants to go out the jungle and have a holiday)

Other camp saviour: Amy Willerton.


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