I’m A Celebrity 2013: 28 November

In which two bugger off for a bit.

Limo Scream

The public display their own personal attack on Lucy presumably for comments against Amy last night.

This involved Lucy being regularly showered with insects while looking around each compartment of the limo for stars – four in each section. The boot was particularly horrific looking because it comprised of raw meat – organs to be precise – which actually seems worse than creepy crawlies.

10 stars.

Other things

Vincent snores. Big time.

Joey invited Amy for a night out in Essex. And who said romance was dead?

Matthew advocated a microphone-off protest with a view to getting a canopy over camp to shield the sun. This didn’t end well.

Annabel and Vincent headed off for Dingo Dollar Duty. Vincent dresses up as a spider and dangled above ground looking petrified. Vincenzo had to grab the flies Annabel was turning cogs to move and then throw them into the web opposite him. The flies made the money drop and off to the shack they went. But then lost out on chocolate biscuits because the camp opted for the wrong answer. ‘How many women admit to lying saying ‘I love you’?’ They went for 32%, it’s actually 43%.

Amy was found with contraband on her persons – chewing gum to be precise. Somebody handed in a towel. David gave in a torch.

Camp saviours: Joey and Kian. No, I don’t know.


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