I’m A Celebrity 2013: 27 November

After a night off for football, we’re back down under for trials and insect terror.

Trial: In Cave Danger

Kian from Westlife stepped up to the trial plate after the public got a bit sick of ramming bugs down Joey Essex’s throat. The trial was only worth nine stars given the fact that three celebrities would be absent from the camp after winning the holiday experience (more on that below).

And it wasn’t alone. Snake close up’s scare me, I’m such a wimp. And falling rocks slightly alarm me. Poor Kian! He raised the roof, though, as he got all nine stars for camp!

Other things

Amy observed camp is a little grumpy. Mainly at her, it appears. Tears ahoy.

Lucy really doesn’t seem to be a fan of Amy and insinuates she may be crying for attention.

Team Blue (Steve, Laila and Kian) went against Purplies (David, Rebecca and Matthew) to compete for the night in the halfway house. One celebrity from each team had to sit in a booth.  They were asked a question and the first person to answer it correctly could choose a suitcase which would be placed over their head.  If correct, they’d get to choose a suitcase and, if they were lucky, they’d have a boarding pass come at them from above. If not the correct suitcase they got covered in gunk.  The first team to get three boarding passes would be the winners. The Blues were victorious and would be off on a trip (about half a mile down the way?) after Laila secured the third and final ticket.

Roach trip for the rest which entailed spending 90 minutes in the dark (ironically the best way to watch this programme, or so I hear) infested with creeping things (and Vincent) in order to win dinner for themselves for tonight. I mean tomorrow. Which is today there. Oh god, time zone sucks.

Steve, Kian and Laila see their loved ones and everybody gets a bit emotional (even me?!?!). Unsurprisingly, this sets the rest of the campmates off when the trio return to camp. The holiday returnees came bearing messages from other loved ones here for other members.

Vincent fell out of his hammock.

Tomorrow’s trial: Limo Screen will be a job for Lucy.


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  1. I love your posts – it means I can keep up with the programs without watching them – thank you


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