Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week nine results

After my weekly dose of the last minutes of Countryfile and sheep.

Oh yeah, and the show is broken.

We began with a bizarre cake-themed professional dance with cakes and spotlights and weird headdresses and…WE’RE ALL TRIPPING, YET AGAIN. Then Claudia appeared dressed as a baker.


Natalie & Artem, Ashley & Ola and Susanna & Kevin.

Mark & Iveta are in the dance-off.

Il Divo

Accompanied by Kristina and Aljaž (because Robin has a back injury). A stunningly beautiful dance. See, this is what we like… #notocakes

Judges etc 

These results show posts are getting shorter. We just basically relived every dance and the nonsense comments.


Patrick & Anya, Abbey & Aljaž and Sophie & Brendan.

Leaving Ben & Kristina in the dance-off.


Third timers Mark and Iveta go up first. I’m always confused by his hold position because he looks scared of Iveta (mind, she vill crush you and all) and always seems poised away from her. No great improvement, he seems to think he’s off.

Ben and Kristina next up with their Charleston which is about the standard of the first run but the story is there, the steps are there but there just isn’t any telling with this panel.

And Ben Cohen and Kristina Rihanoff are eliminated – I’m not happy! After losing three votes, Craig being the one to save him.

Next week: musical week. I quite like musicals.


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