I’m A Celebrity 2013: 23 November

New campmates inducted.

Trial: Outback Factory Canteen

The team decide Vincent will be the taker of the trial.

During this trial, the new duo had to keep insects in their mouth for 20 seconds – insects like cockroaches and beetles. So I have a lot of respect for them even bothering with it. They both passed on the spider, though.

Like everything else, it went to a tie-break as both Annabel and Vincent filled their quota. It was then time to wash it all down with a drink, and Vincent won. Since the camp had backed him, dinner would be theirs. Although, they only got six stars worth because the pair of them failed to make 600 hats last night.

Other things

Annabel got herself stuck in a cell (stupid thing to do really) and it was down to Joey and Alfonso to rescue her! After a complicated crossword challenge (words were the questions about her), she was released and joined the pack.

The treehouse of comfort has returned with its two beds and its luxury appearance.

David talked about dress designing for Princess Diana.

Amy and Matthew come to blows over what the idea treat would be – Matthew said alcohol, Amy not so much.


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