I’m A Celebrity 2013: 22 November

Hang Glider from Hell

Stars within the hang glider – while taking a flight over the jungle – would be held in place by combination locks that can only be opened using four digit numbers Amy could see if she looked down (eek). And, of course, she’d not be alone – a fact that seems to startle her, oddly.

With her hair in a ‘Lara Croft’ plait, Amy took up position and soon got into it achieving seven stars…so seven meals for camp!

Other things

Matthew stripped down to a white bikini – imitating Myleene Klass – showing he has charisma and isn’t boring like he seemed at first.

Amy and Lucy have a talk about last night’s supermodel life debacle. Rebecca and Amy also had a nice chat about it.

Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles arrive and go to stay in the Outback Shack.

Matthew and Kian took on the Dingo Dollar Challenge – What’s The Point? – and, after a hunt and a dig, won crisps for camp. Men tell 1092 lies a year.

Flying ants swarmed the camp. It never fails to amaze me how freaked out campers are by creatures. Anybody would think they signed up for a show in the jun-..oh wait.


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